Student Speak

"As a management professional who has chosen to pursue MBA at Adarsh, I find that it is truly rewarding to be back in the classroom with a diverse set of peers who enrich the learning experience. The course is delivered by very accomplished faculty – many of them world class. A truly life-challenging experience!".

Siddhartha Kumar Padhi, MBA – 2nd Sem, Srikakulam, Andra Pradesh

"Adarsh has helped me achieve my aspirations as a management student. The MBA course has transformed me into a wholesome personality and helped me understand business and its functions. Accomplished faculty add great value and enrichment to the course delivery with their expertise across areas. An updated curriculum and an unparalleled learning and living experience are just few of the unique qualities of this college."

Karabi Patak,MBA 4th Sem, Guwahati, Assam.

"Joining Adarsh was one of the BEST DECISIONS of my life..ADARSH! Thinking about what I was and what I am now, I must say the way things function here are just great, the activities, the assignments. The faculty are just great, they groom you for the future, by bringing in a sense of responsibility, by helping us recognize our talent and improvising them"

Mehta Rounak ,MBA 4th Sem, Mumbai, Maharashtra