Clubs & Committees

The students' life at AIMIT is not only about studies. They get many opportunities for learning institution-building by being involved in various AIMIT Committees & Clubs namely:

Co-Curricular Activities Committee (CoCom)

The committee organizes management related activities that add value to the academic curriculum. Debates, quizzes, competitions and participation in similar contests in other institutes are some of the regular activities. It is actively involved in organizing MDPs, seminars & conferences, and the activities of various management clubs. It also supports the CCR in organizing industry interaction & with the CoCom in organizing the annual Management-cum-Cultural Fest.

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee (ExCom)

This Committee is responsible for organizing cultural events including Annual Management-cum-Cultural Fest. The Institute has an in-house musical band and also encourages interaction with personalities from the cultural world.

Sports Committee (SportCom)

The committee tries to ensure that the students have a healthy body to complement their healthy minds, so that they can face the gruelling work routines they will soon embrace. Sports contests, participation in competitions etc. prepare the students for big event – the annual sports day.

Students Apex Committee (ApCom)

Consisting of CRs from all programmes, this committee looks into broader issues of academic delivery, administrative students' welfare, grievances etc. and coordinates the activities of other committees.

Students Placement Committee (PlaceCom)

This is one of the most active committees, and supports the CCR in all activities regarding corporate interaction, corporate events alumni evenings etc. and also aids in summer internship and final placement process.

Students Publications Committee (PubCom)

This committee provides a forum to give vent to the creative energy of the students, collecting news, and articles etc. that make up the students' section of the quarterly newsletter, and also contributes to the updating of the institute website.

Students Library Committee (LibCom)

The committee collects suggestions for acquisition of books, online subscriptions, improvements in working of the library etc., and forwards these to the Institutes Library Committee.

Alumni Committee (AlCom)

The alumni are the Institute's brand ambassadors & can prove to be the most valuable interface between current students and their prospective employers. The committee ensures a lifelong bond between the alumni and their alma mater, by creating and maintaining databases, informing them of all important events, inviting them to alumni meets and as guest lectures.