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PGDM - Approved By AICTE

We, at AIMIT, believe management studies are going under paradigm shift, thus, at our institute, we align the management students with the shift and change in the industry, equipping them with skills that distinguish students from the rest. Our holistic approach makes us stand among the leading PGDM colleges in Bangalore that, with their constant updates in syllabus and pedagogic practices, have created successful management professionals.

Post-graduate diploma in management provides us flexibility in terms of curricula, and we make the most of it by inculcating the best practices from around the world, while focusing on individual specializations. Learning from the best business schools, we focus on polishing the leadership and inter-communication skills of graduates, along with the core capabilities, like quantitative and critical thinking. The balanced teaching methodology, including state-of-the-art classrooms, role-play, conferences, and seminar by established personalities, presentations, and industry experience, embed confidence among the management students to excel in professional life. We have drafted the best PGDM course in Bangalore, with emphases on local and global industries. The graduates are exposed to on-job problems and ways to solve problems are taught that forges expert problem solvers with leadership skills.

For PGDM in Bangalore, we are considered one of the most sought centers of excellence that transform a student into a professional.

Course Highlights -PGDM (AICTE)

  • Exclusively designed course content at par with top international business schools
  • Case study oriented, holistic teaching methods ensure that the graduates understand business and not just subjects
  • Range of inspirational speakers from around the world
  • Case studies, live projects, movie analysis, fests participation, foreign language course, International conference hall and much more
  • International Foreign Trips & Study Exchange Programs
  • Holistic Personality Development to imbibe positive attitude and social responsibility
  • Study abroad option available with International partnering universities
  • On the Job Training through corporate internship.
  • One of the Best PGDM colleges in bangalore

Course Duration

The duration of the Course extends for a period of Two academic Year with each academic Year comprising of two Semesters.

First Year

Term – 1

Course Code Term – 1st (PGDM-1) Credit
PGDM11 Principles & Practice of Mgmt 0.5
PGDM12 Managerial Economics 1
PGDM13 Quantitative Techniques 1
PGDM14 Organizational Be ha vi our 1
PGDM15 Financial Accounting 1
PGDM16 IT For Managers 1
PGDM17 Business Communication 1
PGDM18 Personality Development Prog. 0.5
   Total Term Credits 7.0

Term – 2

Course Code Term – 2nd (PGDM-2) Credit
PGDM21 Marketing Management – I 1
PGDM22 Management Accounting 1
PGDM23 Management Information System 1
PGDM24 Operation Research 1
PGDM25 Human Resource Management 1
PGDM26 Financial Management 1
PGDM27 Contemporary Business Environment 1
PGDM28 Corporate Communication – I 0.5
PGDM29 Personality Development Programme 0.5
PGDM210 French Language –I (Optional) 0.5
   Total Term Credits 8.5

Term – 3

Course Code Term-3rd (PGDM-3) Credit
PGDM31 Corporate Finance 1
PGDM32 Production & Operations Mgmt. 1
PGDM33 Legal Aspects of Business 1
PGDM34 E-Business 1
PGDM35 Marketing Management – II 1
PGDM36 Research Methodology 1
PGDM37 Entrepreneurship Development 1
PGDM38 Corporate Communication – II 0.5
PGDM39 Leadership & Business Proficiency Skills Development 0.5
PGDM310 French Language – II (Optional) 0.5
PGDM311 Summer Training T & P Initiative (3) 0.5
   Total Term Credits 8.5
   Total year Credits 24

Second Year

Term – 4

Course Code Term – 4th  (PGDM-4) Credit
PGDM41 Strategic Management ( C ) 1
PGDM42 Advanced Business Communication – I 0.5
PGDM43 Employability Skills Development - I 0.5
  Elective1 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 2 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 3 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 1 from Specialization 2 1
  Elective 3from Specialization 2 1
   Total Term Credits 9

Term – 5

Course Code Term – 5th  (PGDM-5) Credit
PGDM51 Technology and Innovations Management ( C ) 1
PGDM52 Advanced Business Communication-II 0.5
PGDM53 Employability Skills Development -II 0.5
  Elective 1 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 2 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 3 from Specialization 1 1
  Elective 1 from Specialization 2 1
  Elective 2 from Specialization 2 1
  Elective 3 from Specialization 2 1
  T & P Initiative (3)  
   Total Term Credits 0

Term – 6

Course Code Term-6th (PGDM-6) Credit
PGDM61 Financial Planning 1
PGDM62 Customer Relationship Management 1
PGDM63 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 1
PGDM64 Enterprise Resource Planning 1
PGDM65 Project (Dissertation) and Viva Voce  
  T & P Initiative (3) 1
   Total Term Credits 5
   Total year Credits 21
   Total Program Credits 45
Adarsh AIMIT is providing best PGDM in bangalore and one of the top PGDM colleges in bangalore. If your are looking for PGDM course in bangalore, you are right at Adarsh AIMIT.