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IDEATE - Business Plan Hackathon - Calling Budding Entrepreneurs

26th May-2018


Adarsh Institute of Management and Information technology organized a Business Plan Hackathon-2018 on 26th May-2018. This event attracted a phenomenal response from the student fraternity across various prestigious colleges in the city.

The distinctive aspect of this event was that it entailed a training session during the noon followed by a marathon session of business ideation by students. The participants enthusiastically set out at 6 p.m. post the training session conducted by Mr. Gaurav Singh, Regional Manager, National Entrepreneurship Network. They sat overnight over dinner and midnight snacks, cooking up a business plan and eventually wound up @ 6 a.m. in the morning, thus clocking a grueling twelve hour schedule.

Out of several business plans that were submitted, nearly 9 plans were short listed for final presentation. Four group of budding entrepreneurs from colleges like Dayanand Sagar Institutions, Presidency college, Acharya Bangalore B school and Oxford colleges managed to make it to the final list.

Those short listed were asked to present their business proposal along with an elevator pitch which entails a short description of an idea, product, company, or oneself that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time.

The final round was judged by a Panel of three Judges, namely Mr. Uday Birji- Co-founder and Director of Think Street Technologies, Mr. Ravindra Babu, Academician and Faculty member at ICFAI Business School and Mr. Gaurav Singh, Regional Manager, NEN.


Mr. Uday Birje shared his thoughts on innovation and the pre requisites to be a successful entrepreneur. He opined that every business idea should have a unique value proposition in order to be successful. He shared some start up success mantras with students like the need to identify a good co-founder, test the waters to check out the feasibility, understand the users and never give up.

The grand finale was the announcement of the winners. The first prize –external was bagged by Acharya Bangalore B-School team and the second prize –external was bagged by Presidency College.

The in-house participants fared just as well with two teams from AIMIT making it to the finals. The Conquerors which aimed at providing a meaningful forum for the tillers of the soil, won the first prize while the green buddy team won the second prize.

The session was an extremely fruitful one with vital inputs on ideating a B-Plan. The two day program came to a splendid end.


REGALIA 2K18- Royalty Revisited

11th April-2018


Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, organized REGALIA -2KI8- Intercollegiate Management Fest on 11th April-2018. Synonymous with the theme that signifies magnificence in attire and finery, REGALIA-2K18 attracted some of the best talents from graduate as well as post-graduate colleges located across the city.

Regalia means Emblems and Symbols , rights and privileges of Royalty, the distinguishing symbols of a Rank, besides magnificent attire and finery. The theme of the fest was based on sitcoms.

The Fest comprised of several events with quirky titles like Finance Event (Shark Tank),Human Resource( Mad Men), Marketing (Suits), Synergy (Silicon Valley), Business Quiz (White Collar), Business Manager( Flash of Genius), Fashion Show( Styled to Rock), Coding Halt and Debugging( Halt and Catch Fire),Gaming(Runaway), Cultural Event( Show me what you got).

All the verticals managed to elicit the best out of the participants and competition reigned supreme with each team vying with each other for the first place.

Dr. Anitha Ramachander , Director and Principal , Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology gave away the prizes at the event.


Sept - 2017, MBA & MCA Orientation Program

15th September 2017, Rotaract Orientation Meet.






13th September 2017, Sri Jayasimha, MIND AND ATTITUDE.



13th September 2017, Kavitha Sameer, MANAGING EMOTIONS.



12th September 2017, DISHA FOUNDATION.




08th September 2017, Preeja Sridhar,PARIVARTAN.



07th September 2017, Saravanan ,Career Opportunities.



06th September 2017 Ian Faria , VUCA WORLD.




05th September 2017, Chaya Srivatsa, Personal Brand Management.



04th September 2017 Rajendra Kulkarni ,STEPPING INTO CORPORATE WORLD.




01st September 2017, NEN ,Orientation To Entrepreneurship.



Career in HR Management

Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology organized a talk on "Career in HR Management" delivered by Corporate trainer, par excellence, Mr. L Selvam George.

His talk mainly centered around three aspects of Management:

In the Launch pad session, Mr George Selvam spoke about the struggles and rigors that was required of students during the 2-year MBA program. He briefed us about how values and attitude forms the students' attitude and makes them strong to take up any challenges in life and eventually rings in transformation.

1. Corporate Jungle :

Mr. George opined that individuals can sustain in corporate only through Innovation. The organization should always give 4Fs' to the employees. The 4Fs' are Freedom to Express, Freedom to Experiment, Freedom to Explore and Freedom to Enjoy. He said System should be challenged politely and firmly to facilitate changes. He advised students to fulfil their dreams using 7Ds'. The 7Ds' constitute Dream, Discover, Define, Design, Determination, Deliver and Destination.

He said "A vision without action is only a dream. An action without vision is waste of time. A vision with an action gives destined outcome".

2. Happiness and Success

Mr. George conveyed eloquently how success and happiness are the two facets of the same coin and each was equally important.

The take away from the session was the corporate lessons learnt and they were as follows:

  • Corporate Lesson 1: To be sitting and doing nothing, we must be perched on a high pedestal.
  • Corporate Lesson 2: Bullshit might facilitate the rise to the top but it will not sustain us .
  • Corporate Lesson 3: Not everyone who creates troubles is our enemy. Not everyone who delivers us from trouble is our friend. When we believe we are safe mode, learn to be quiet.

He narrated small stories to drive home these lessons. The interaction was interactive and lively.

Report by

Anusha Makam D R
I year MBA

Environmental Day @ BU, 5th June, 2017

NSS Unit of Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology participated in the "Environmental Day" organized by Adamya Chethana in association with Bangalore University on 5th June 2017. The main objective of the event was to "Save Mother Earth" and a wonderful initiative was taken in the said direction by planting 500 saplings in Bangalore University campus.

The Chief Guests of this Event were Shri. Ananth Kumar, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Smt. Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, Managing Trustee/Chairperson of Adamya Chethana, Dr. Muniraju, Vice chancellor of Bangalore University and Dr. B.K Ravi ,Registrar of Bangalore University

Health care check-up camp, 4th June, 2017

A free eye and health check-up camp was organised on 4th June-17 by Adarsh AIMIT and SRN Adarsh College , in association with Dr Solanki Eye Hospital for the benefit of the economically backward section of people. A team of doctors from Dr Solanki Eye Hospital, Bangalore rendered their services free of cost to the patients. Within a limited span of time, 500+ people availed of the facility.

Various tests were conducted to detect vision deficiencies, cataract and so on. General health check-up (including blood pressure and sugar) was also arranged. NSS Volunteers of Adarsh AIMIT & SRN Adarsh College actively participated in the camp. Besides conducting tests, medicines and spectacles were distributed free of cost to needy patients. Free Breakfast and lunch were provided to the patients who attended the camp. Doctors attending on the patients offered valuable suggestions on eye care to prevent vision impairment.

It was a very well organized and systematized event.

Two day workshop on "Gateway to MCA PGCET - 2017, 2nd and 3rd June 2017

Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT) in association with Test Cracker Private Ltd. was proud to organize a Two Day workshop on PGCET - 2017.

Speakers Mr. Sriram , Mr.Lohith, Mr.Aakashdeep and Mr.Madhukesh from Test Cracker Pvt. Ltd. gave a wide insight and knowledge about the entire process involved with various simple techniques to crack the test in the areas of

  1. Analytical ability and logical reasoning.
  2. General awareness
  3. General English

Students from around 12 colleges across the state participated. It was highly interactive and participatory.

This workshop aimed to impart a crisp, clear, easy to understand and hands on training to assist students with a commitment.

At the end of the workshop the students were equipped with the knowledge of the whole training on previous year question papers.

It was a wonderful platform and provided a significant opportunity for all.

The participants appreciated the excellent facilitation provided by Dr. Anitha Ramachander, Director/Principal and the staff members of AIMIT for thoughtful contribution to the education system.

International Conference on Science and Technology for National Development SMAC : An emerging tool - 2016, 18th & 19th November

Organized by Indian Science Congress Association Bangalore chapter and AIMIT, Bangalore

A report on International Conference on Science and Technology  for National Development-  SMAC – An emerging Tool 2016

Adarsh AIMIT, in association with Indian Science Congress Association, Bangalore Chapter organized a two day  International Conference on Science and Technology for National Development , SMAC- An  Emerging Tool, on the 18th and 19th Nov-2016 . The Conference was attended by a vast audience who included dignitaries from Indian Science Congress Association, Research scholars, Faculty members from other colleges as well as Faculty and students of Adarsh AIMIT.

Dr. Anitha Ramachander, Director and Principal of Adarsh AIMIT welcomed the gathering.   Dr. Ashok Saxena, Immediate Past General  President , Indian Science Congress Association, rendered the Inaugural Address.

Photo - left: Guests lighting the lamp at International Conference on Science and Technology for National Development organised by AIMIT

Photo - right : Release of book 'Research in Management and Information Technology trends in SOCIAL, MOBILITY, ANALYTICS AND CLOUD'

Report on the Panel discussion in the International conference on Science and technology for national development-2016

Role of Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud

Panel discussion on SMAC: Scripting growth story was conducted under the able leadership of Dr. Anitha Ramachander, Director and Principal, AIMIT. Shri Jitendra Mardia, Secretary, Adarsh Vidya Sangh and Shri K K Bhansali were present in the panel discussion and added value to the same by actively participating in the same.

The panel discussion on SMAC: Scripting growth story... started with the Moderator Dr. Manohar C (an eminent academician) setting tone for discussions by observing how SMAC has pervaded all aspects of our life. Mr Nataraj Kotre, (Group Head, Healthcare Lifesciences Practice at Wipro Technologies Ltd ) while speaking on Analytics in Health care noted how the data generated by wearable devices in the near future will impact the health care industry and its implications for all of us.

Mr. Sridhar Pabbishetti (public policy and Urban Governance specialist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Namma Bengaluru Foundation) while delving on the role of social media in governance and public administrative noted that the government is the owner of largest amount of data and how social media has made the citizen charter effective. Mr Raghunandan(Founder and CEO of M5 info solutions) deliberated on the use of mobile technology in rural development and agriculture. He noted the huge opportunities for today's youth in food industry for good health and wellness. Mr Rakesh Tergundi (Founder of Mobigini) noted how Cloud computing was proving the necessary ecosystem for other technologies to be effective.

BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND HADOOP, 21st and 22nd  October 2016

Adarsh Group of Institutions, Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT), in association with V The Trainer Private Limited was proud to organise a two-day training on the currently most attractive technological aspect – "BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND HADOOP". The event was held on 21st and 22nd October 2016, at the Auditorium of AIMIT.

The speaker for the session Mr. Shailender Kumar (Solution Architect, Team Lead, V The Trainer Private Limited)took over the training after a short inauguration.

The workshop sessionsprovided strategies to faculty members and students to understand the implications of the data to meet the strategic goals.It was designed to be highly interactive and participatory.

Mr. Shailender Kumar who took over in Lab, whereparticipants formed groups to brainstorm what would constitute Hadoop and NoSQL.

Participants identified issues for further exploration in Lab sessions – not only at the workshop, but as on-going discussions.

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the co-ordinator , Sangeetha G, by filling up feedback formsduring the workshop.

The facilitator appreciated the excellent facilitation provided by the Principal, Dr.AnithaRamachander and the stimulating and thoughtful contributions made Dr.Prashanti, HOD ; and the faculty members.

Orientation program, Spetember-2016

Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology extended a welcome to its new batch of MBA students-2016-18 batch. The formal orientation program commenced on 29th Spetember-2016, with a talk on ‘Road to success’, by Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni.

The session provided an insightabout the nuances to success, how to chart the road to accomplishment and achievement. Tai Chi, which relieves stress and opens up the mind, was taught to students;

  • The Key aspects of the sessionincluded the following:-
  • The art of packaging oneself with élan.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Improving professional and personal skills.
  • Smart work outshines hard work.
  • To think out of the box.
  • The need for enhancing communication skills.
  • The importance of team work.

The session helped developthe ability to think differently and also drove home the importance of executionover than just drawing up plans. This session proved very beneficial for personality development.

The second session organized by AIMIT as a part of the orientation was titled, “Run, Jump and Fly”, and was held on 30th Sept-2016. The speaker was Sri. Somichetty Chandra Shekar who emphasized on time management, importance of building a network, relevance of focus , and the value of timeliness in carrying out planned task. Emphasis was also on improvement of one’s skill. He spoke about how job and career differed from each other.

The session showed great insight onto how one should improve personal and professional life. Students understood the importance of network, communication and personal skills.

Ms. Rashmi Shetty, famed Radio Jockey and a motivational speaker par excellence, addressed the students on the 1st of September-2016. She spoke at length about the importance of discovering the power within.

The session was about how an individual should identify the communicator within one self, bringing out the hidden presenter. It was also about developing oneself by focusing on one’sgoal; focus is very important but along with it, the right attitude matters the most. The session was about identifying ones passion to think right. It was also about how to be a good leader, and how a good leader helps in grooming more leaders.

“It is the quality of one’s conviction that determine ones’ success not the number of followers”

Finally the session highlighted on having the right attitude. That,one should be an effective person rather than efficient one. It also drove home the fact that childlike behaviour is more acceptable than childish behaviour, when an adolescent evolves into an adult.

“Winning without any trouble is just victory, however when one wins with lot of trouble it becomes history”was the clear message that Mrs. Rashmi Shetty reiterated through her talk.

Prof.Preeja Sridar spoke about the importance of Employability Skills on 3rd Sept-2016.

In a nut shell, the session was about enhancing employabilityskills, and the key aspects of the session were as follows:

  • Importance of Punctuality, Critical thinking, Team work for a successful career.
  • Relevance of personality  as an integral aspect of an individual
  • Reiteration of the importance of good communication skills.
  • Importance of sincere efforts,to bring about the requisite change with in one self.

The session gave an insight to students abouthow to develop the right personality. It taught them to focus on honing uptheircommunication skills in order to climb the corporate ladder.
Finally the session drove home the importance of adaptingoneself to changing needs.


Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT) organized a rendezvous for their alumni on 28th May, 2016 in their campus located at Chamrajpet. The Formal inaugural function was marked by the customary invocation followed by the lighting of the lamp. The Welcome address was rendered by Dr. AnithaRamachander, Director and Principal, AIMIT. DrAnitha stressed upon the importance of self-satisfaction amongst the students. The Key note speaker of the Alumni meet was Mr. SiddharthJayakumar. Heworks as Chief Manager-Training with IndusInd Bank at Chennai. Mr. SiddharthJayakumar, a motivational speaker par excellence, was afflicted by cerebral Palsy after a bout of jaundice during his infancy which rendered him mentally retarded. He spoke about the challenges faced by him in life due to the stereotype expectations of society. He effortlessly drove home the importance of being one self, without caring much for societal expectations.

The Vice President of the Adarsh Group of Institutions, Shri. K.K. Bhansali spoke about the importance of Alumni meet and the relevance of Alumni Associations.

The Alumni meet was attended by a large gathering of alumni of AIMIT who spoke in glowing terms about their association with the Institution. The Program ended with a melodious lyrical treat by SwaralayaAmruta


2014-16 Batch

SL NO Name of Event Date
1 Commencement of MBA and PGDM 2014-16 batch. Students of AIMIT had been to Art of Living 6-08-2014
2 Bridge Course Classes 11th to 23rd August 2014
3 Commencement of SAP classes Sep-08, 2014
4 Inauguration of finance club Sep-15, 2014
5 Guest lecture on personality branding Sep-16, 2014
6 Workshop on Mentoring Sep-17, 2014
7 Grooming workshop Sep-19, 2014
8 Guest lecture on life skills Sep-25, 2014
9 Guest lecture on performance management Sep-29, 2014
10 Guest lecture on environmental ethics Oct-09, 2014
11 Communication guest lecture Oct-20, 2014
12 Fresher's Day @ Holiday Village Resorts Oct-27, 2014
13 Derivatives workshop Oct-28, 2014
14 Corporate carnival Nov-11, 2014
15 ERM guest lecture Nov-14, 2014
16 Financial statement analysis workshop Dec-01, 2014 
17 International Conference Dec-15, 2014
18 National trip & Industrial Visit – Kerala August, 2014
19 Dance India Dance Super Mom's 2 2014 Auditions @ Adarsh 16TH October, 2014